Saturday, May 12, 2012

Never thought we'd be a "daycare family"

Earlier this week, the boys and I had to say good-bye to a "family" I never expected to have - a daycare family. When Vincent was 18 months old, we decided that he would benefit from spending some time with other people his size. So we enrolled him in daycare. We chose a place rather randomly - it was close to home but on the way to work and seemed to be a nice enough place.

Since Vincent's first day at the Kindercare in Eagan, Minnesota in September 2010, we have been nothing short of completely impressed with the care he received. We found that the teachers truly loved their jobs and the children for whom they cared. During the last two years, Vincent blossomed from a shy boy to an outgoing, independent 3 year old. With the help of his teachers, he learned and mastered a wide variety of "book" skills, social skills, and gross motor skills. He developed friendships with boys and girls from different ethnic backgrounds. And the staff accommodated his food allergies - in fact, he never experienced an allergic reaction while in their care.

When Desmond was born in September 2011, I knew that I would need to go back to work after only 6 weeks. It was very difficult for me to leave him in the care of another person, but I knew that he would be cared for and loved by the teachers in the infant room. By the time he was 6 months, he would smile at and reach for his teachers when we walked into his room in the morning. Not only were the boys welcomed at Kindercare, Paul and I were welcomed into the Kindercare family as well. I was fortunate to have time in my schedule to breastfeed Desmond at Kindercare during my lunch break. And the teachers always made me feel at home in the infant room.

To the staff at Kindercare in Eagan (near Cliff and 35E) - thank you, thank you, thank you! We will miss you dearly.

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  1. I'm sure the staff will miss Vincent, Desmond and you & Paul, too. I hope the boys will have a similar opportunity is Aussieland.