Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last day at work and house hunting in Sydney

Today was my last day at Argosy (my admin job that helps to pay the bills). It was a pretty quiet last day - school is on break, so not much has been going on all week. Since most folks weren't around, I will be stopping by the department again on Monday to say a few final good-byes. It's been an ok job.For the past year, I supported 15 full-time faculty members and 230 students in the doctoral program in clinical psychology. And even though I was the resident musicologist, most days it felt like I was the therapist offering support and advice to the psychology faculty and graduate students!

I still have one more day of teaching - Monday will be the final exam for Music History I at Concordia University - St. Paul.

Paul is spending today (well, tomorrow in Sydney - I guess it all depends on your perspective) looking for a place for us to live. We have already Skyped twice tonight as he visits various houses and apartments that are open for inspection today. Hopefully by the end of the day we will have a list of several to which we can submit applications. The goal is to have a place to live when we land in Sydney on May 22.

Both boys are doing well. They are enjoying our stay at my aunt and uncle's house in St. Paul. I guess the only "big" news is that Desmond is getting his first tooth in (finally!)

Thus ends another chapter. As my aunt Kathi so eloquently stated: "Another ending makes room for another beginning."


  1. Aw, you quoted me!
    Hope the home search turns up some great possibilities and you are able to apply and get something you like.

  2. Sounds bittersweet, as some things in your life come to a close and other exciting adventures are on the horizon!