Thursday, September 4, 2014

Temperature Blanket Pattern

Some of my knitting/crocheting/fiber arts friends have asked me for the pattern for the Sydney-Decorah Temperature Blanket. (For posts about how this blanket as come to be, see here, here and here.) It is basically a bunch of mitered squares that are knit-together-as-you-go. I got the idea for this type of pattern from this website, and I made a few modifications to so that the squares would work for my project.

Today, I had some time to type up the pattern. It has not been tested. But I thought I might as well put it out there. So, if you find any errors, please let me know.

As I am just over halfway through the blanket, I have not yet worked out how I will do the border around the outside of the blanket (thus incorporating the temperatures of the last five days of the year). As I decide the border, I will update the pattern.

In the meanwhile, here is the pattern. If you do make this blanket, I'd love it if you would share a photo of it with me. And all the standard "rules" apply - please treat this pattern and the associated pictures as you would want your own to be other words, please don't sell the pattern as your own and don't use my photos without permission. However, you may sell any finished items. Happy Knitting!


  1. I just found this in a search to do a temperature blanket for 2016. I like your idea and the way you put it together. Hour did you end up finishing it? Did you do a border and the extra squares?

    1. Hi Lori - thanks for your lovely comments. To be honest, I haven't finished it yet (YIKES!) But there seems to have been a recent spike in interest in it, so I am feeling motivated to return to it. My plan is to do a border with the colors from the final days - I am thinking I might crochet the border - it seems like it might be easier than knitting it...that would be a lot of stitches to pick up!

  2. Great! I just started and have 4 days done. I'm still debating where to just do strips and then join those or the way you did it. Strips would still be fairly portable once this thing starts growing, and in the summer and wouldn't have a huge blanket on me. Still have time to decide. When you fish, I'd love to see pictures!💝😊

  3. I am on row three second square and cannot figure out how to pick up stitches on right side of the first square of this row- could you possibly show a picture of how this is done? Thanks

  4. Has anyone finished this blanket? I'd love to know what they ended up doing with the final 5 days of the year.