Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update on my Sydney-Decorah Temperature Blanket

31 March marked the end of two months and four rows on my temperature blanket. I am pretty excited by how the blanket is progressing. I am about a week behind, but have been collecting the temperature data for Sydney and Decorah for each day.

The weather in Sydney has been pretty consistent - that's why there is lots of orange and red on the blanket. But - fortunately for me! - the weather in Decorah has been all over the place in the past two months. That is what is providing the color variation in the blanket.

Just to remind you - each square is a day and the colors in that square are determined by the high temperatures in Sydney, Australia (where I currently live) and Decorah, Iowa (where I grew up). And I am going to be recording this temperature data for an entire year. I began on my birthday, 31 January. The end result will be twenty-four rows of fifteen squares (360 days) with the temperatures of the remaining five days represented in a border around the blanket. [And yes - I will type of the pattern one of these days...]

I have come up with fifteen temperature ranges and have assigned a color to each. The outer most color in each square represents the Sydney temperature and the other color is representative of Decorah's temperature for that same calenar day.

Here are the temperature ranges (in degrees Celcius) and the corresponding colors:
below -25 = dark purple (none of that yet!)
-24 - -20 = light purple (none of that yet either)
-19 - -15 = grey (a few days were that cold in Decorah since 31 January)
-14 - -10 = dark blue
-9 - -5 = royal blue
-4 - 0 = light blue
1 - 5 = dark green
6 - 10 = light green
11 - 15 = light yellow (finally some warmer days in Decorah near the end of row 4!)
16 - 20 = dark yellow (this is the only color that has been used for both Decorah and Sydney, but on separate days)
21 - 25 = orange (lots and lots of this for Sydney)
26 - 30 = red (lots of this color too)
31 - 35 = dark red (only one day has been this warm in Sydney since 31 January)
36 - 40 = dark pink (hopefully next summer!)
above 41 = light pink (hopefully not too many of these days next summer...)

And here are some photos of how the blanket is progressing...

It is finally starting to warm up in Decorah!! [represented by the progression of dark green and light green to light yellow and dark yellow]

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