Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday gifts - part 2

Last week, I started a series of blog posts about the gifts I am making for Christmas this year. Today, I wanted share with you my gift idea for the boys' daycare teachers.

The boys have been attending daycare here in Australia since July - Vincent goes two days a week and Desmond just goes on Fridays. I wanted to do something simple - yet meaningful - for their teachers for Christmas. I decided to make each of them a dishcloth (there are six teachers in total - four in Desmond's room and two in Vincent's). I then wrapped the dishcloth around a candy cane to make it more festive. This turned out to be a super-easy project!

My "go-to" dishcloth pattern is easy and quick to knit and makes a very durable and useful dishcloth. Plus, I discovered that I could almost an entire dishcloth on my commute to and from the city. I used Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton yarn - each ball of yarn makes 2 or 3 dishcloths (depending on the size of the ball of yarn) and size 7 needles. Here are the results --

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  1. I can attest to the durability of these washcloths.....what cute and functional gifts (the best kind!)