Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunnies for my boys

When my sister and I were growing up, my grandma bought each of us a bunny figurine for Easter every year. Some of the bunnies were small and other were quite large. Some were life-like while others were more cartoonish. They were made from wood, porcelain, and fabric. I now have an amazing collection of bunny statuettes, thanks to the generosity of my grandmother. And each bunny comes wrapped in the memories of past Easters spent with my lovely grandma.

So, following Grandma's lead, I decided that - starting this year - I am going to knit or crochet bunnies for Vincent and Desmond each Easter. I decided this rather close to Easter this year - so the first bunny in their series needed to be easy and quick. I found the perfect pattern from the green dragonfly. They came together very quickly and I was able to scraps of yarn that I had lying around. I think they turned out pretty well (although the quality of these photos don't do them justice!) I think the grey one will be for Desmond and the brown one will be for Vincent (because it has yellow in it and yellow is his favourite colour).

I'm sure that there will be lots of new bunny patterns to choose from next year - but I already have my eye on this one from Susan B. Anderson (I LOVE her patterns and have knit quite a few of her toys from her book Itty Bitty Toys).

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  1. I hope your boys love them!!! Janette xxxx